by The Flex

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7" EP available on Lockin' Out Records


released March 23, 2015

Recorded on: 25/01/2015
Recorded by: James Atkinson
Mastering: Dan Randall
Cover Illustration: Tin Savage
Released by: Lockin' Out Records



all rights reserved
Track Name: Don't Bother
Always felt a distance, could never relate.
Just wanted to switch it off.
A universal world view, no opinions of their own.
Creatures of routine.

Content living within their walls; don’t bother them, a lost cause.
Extend a hand, but threw it back, don’t bother us, they lack.
There can be so much more to this than finishing work and getting pissed.
Never understand the thought process, trudging through life without doing their best.

The individual’s chances ran away with the flock.
A slave to the other.
Don’t think for yourself, the problem takes shape.
Simulacra part of the everyday.
Track Name: What We Do
Not just a passing trend, that speaks for itself.
Our commitment pays dividends; it’s the belief in ourselves.
Self made opportunities, once in a life time.
No apprehension, take ‘em while you can.
There is a bond that can’t be broken
An unthinkable experience. Possibilities awoken.
Brothers ‘til the end, can’t be taken back.
8 perfect weeks, it’s the year of the pack.
Times that we shared, the memories we saved.
The sense of achievement and all that we gave.
Take me back
Was on track
A different time
When everything was fine
Track Name: Carbon Copy
Playing dress up, it’s all a game.
No originality it’s all the same.
The look,
An attitude,
The persona,
A front.
It’s not about how high you can spike your hair,
It was clear all along that you never cared.
It’s just a show, just an act.
Music come second, matter of fact.
Remove the props that legitimise it.
What is real? Nothing you do.
Track Name: Back For More
A long time coming but now we’re here.
We’re force to be reckoned with and to be feared.
Overcame the obstacles that came in our way, now it’s time for us to have our say.
Up and down the country, from north to south.
The talk of the town by word of mouth.
It’s an invasion, of the white red and blue, brace yourself; there is nothing you can do.

It’s the Flex
Back for more
Burley Boys

United by a cause, brought together, a feeling so strong to last forever.
What you see is not down to luck, claim our place in the history books
No gimmicks, no stadium hardcore, well do it ourselves, open our own doors.
Group of friends with the same intention, year after year complete domination.
Confident and in control.
Scared; you’re so quick to judge.
Test us, you can try,
But nothing’s going to change.
Track Name: Life Balance
It’s all the same, the obligation, the human preposition.
Just get through it, a means to an end, life’s only mission.
A push and pull, between what you can and you can't
It’s the weight of the world.
Just too much.
Something arises, that negates all the bullshit but life gets in the way.
Back to the start, the pressure has won, maybe someday.
Such is life, happiness is impeded.
The situation is cruel but choices are needed.
It’s important to continue, don’t get let it get you down.
And before you know it, things will come back around.
Track Name: Condemned
Above the law through status alone,
Abuse of your power, it doesn’t hit home.
Corrupted system means that you’ll get your way.
Politics, power and money have the final say.
Excuses used up, lack of empathy means you don’t give a fuck.
Who’s to say it won’t happen again,
It’s not enough, the remorse you feign.

Plead your ignorance but the damage is done.
But for the victim the pain’s just begun.
Empty apologies, is it hard to cope?
Here’s a solution:
A life of exclusion, the end of a rope.
The choices you’ve left, brought on yourself.